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Ledy Models

The purpose of this page is to provide documentation of the Ledy Bolidos product line and the features that make them
different from the US made Topper Johnny Lightning cars.

No. 890 - Bug Bomb/Detonador
No. 886 - Cadillac Eldorado
No. 879 - Chevy Camaro
No. 813 - Dino Pininfarina

No. 882 - Dodge Charger
No. 871 - Dragster
No. 883 - El Camino Surfer
No. 881 - Ferrari Berlinetta
No. 877 - Ford 32 Hot Rod
No. 804 - Ford GT 40
No. 885 - Jaguar XKE
No. 878 - Lincoln Continental MK III

No. 808 - Lotus Europa
No. 884 - Mako Shark
No. 887 - Mustang Mach 1
No. 880 - Olds Toronado

No. 875 - Pontiac GTO
No. 876 - Thunderbird
No. 873 - Turbine Especial X 2000
No. 888 - Custom Spoiler / Vandalo
No. 889 - Triple Threat/Doble Dragster
No. 891 - Sand Stormer/Buggy Torbellino
No. 892 - Stiletto/Estilete

The following people have contributed greatly to the photos and information contained herein:

Shawn McClinitic   -   Marcos Garcia   -   Angél Anaya


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