Andin Box Historical Documentation

In South America, at least twelve Johnny Lightning models were produced under the brand name of "Andin Box". Three of the models were also produced by Ledy,
but nine are models unique to Andin Box. Andin Box also produced a track set and the Racing Helmet but there is no evidence of a metal button. In Peru,
the "Andin Box" brand was sold by BASA. In Colombia, the brand was sold by Chico Toys. The toys were available in Colombia, Peru and Chile at a minimum.

Chico Toys Blisterpack Card and a BASA Advertisement

This blister pack card shows an address for Chico Toys in Bogota, Colombia. BASA (Bakelita y Anexos S.A.) is a known plastics company in Peru.


This article by José Ramos provides some additional information ---> Donde nacierion los Andin Box?

This Blog post by Carlos Gallardo also provides some information ---> Autitos heche en Peru??

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